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If you need my auction information, go here instead. Actually, my new nick on eBay, tatteredtabby, is not active, so please check my other livejournal or the store on my site, which has auctions. Paypal got way out of hand.
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22 XBox Games for Sale - Harry Potter, Mortal Kombat, Yu-Gi-Oh

Selling a huge lot of XBox games for $60 with shipping, 22 games in total. Please click to see the list and pictures, because otherwise they would take up the whole page, but there are really good and popular games – we sold our XBox and only play Wii, Playstation, and DSi, otherwise we wouldn’t sell these. It’s a really good deal, and I need money for my son’s birthday. You’re not going to get all these games for anywhere near as cheap anywhere else, not even on eBay if you factor in shipping costs. Great starter kit or just a present for gamers.Collapse )</div>
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Please support me at:

Anyone coming here from the Elections community, sorry, the majority of my posts are f-locked, with good reason, due to some trouble I was having. This does not mean I won't add friends or respond to you. For those of you who haven't seen the Election post, go vote for my nomination, and here is my stand:

I've maintained several journals and communities on LJ, as a member of fandom, as a programmer and designer, and as a communications medium. It is more than that. It can be a professional tool, because of the simple layout that is changeable with a little work... It is quite simple to make a multimedia page for only $20 a year. I keep a paid account - This was my main but I have now changed to the other. So I see it as a living tool, full of real people who are quite into it, for whatever those reasons are. Censorship isn't good, so it's not up to LJ to figure out why people are into it, as long as they're not breaking the law. I have the experience, and have been around for all the changes, watched LJ grow, watched people walk out when LJ failed to meet their expectations, and am able to help project the future of LJ.

One of the things that LJ has added recently that not many sites do, unless you're paying hundreds of dollars a year for a site that will get you blacklisted in search engines, is the adult category for journals, and the themes over 14 years of age. This is a major thing for fandom, and for general users who don't want to be censored, and yet it keeps LJ safe for legal purposes, and our children safe.

Sure, we all know kids lie online, but at least it's an attempt, right?

As far as changes, I'd just like to be involved in discussion, see what is brought up, put in the input of the everyday user, and even the users like me, who use it more than just a little. The communities here are fantastic - I've even replaced my eBay usage with a Japanese one here, and the potential for use is unlimited. I'd like to help enforce the adult marking - it is such a privelege to even have that ability, so I don't want it taken away due to people who aren't using it and still posting adult content. This is a bigge for me, since I am a single parent.

So, please nominate me, because I am an icon maker, a programmer, a crazy hyper girl (though over 30) who owns her own company and is therefore always online, and who never sleeps, because sleep is overrated.

Edit: I forgot to add that I have volunteered with the Nashville Union Mission, Habitat For Humanity, traveled to Mexico twice to build houses, am involved in international communities, won several student leadership awards in college, along with a couple of art awards, so I have been very active in many ways, not just online, and can offer a truly unique perspective. My son is homeschooled, and learning Japanese as one of his classes, along with the culture. So I'm a well-rounded person who has traveled all over the United States and other parts of the world, and will not play favorites. I know most people hear 'fangirl' and that's an immediate cringe, but I poke fun at myself in fandom, and list it only because it does speak to my qualifications - I sell art in the mangaka and doujinshika styles, as well as help my son learn things such as oekkake and kirigami.

You may contact me through the following means with any questions, as these accounts are signed in on my phone at all times:

AOL Instant Messenger: psychicespa
Yahoo: psychicespa
MSN Messenger:

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News articles

Wouldn't it be nice if there were still life there? (Article about Martian soil pointing towards possibility of life - wet chemistry)

Yes, I'm a believer, but you know... I'm jaded. If we did find life out there, would we even treat it very well, considering how wonderfully we treat our own people, the wars we start over silly matters? I mean, children are abused, people are homeless, and as a nation, we're pretty immune to the death of another human being. It would be nice to find out there is a culture out there more highly evolved than ours, but I think I would be depressed if I found out it were extinct.

And in news of the scientifically weird, who knew plants could go house shopping in better neighborhoods?

Imaginary plant conversation because let's face it, Mercyn is not quite right in the head: "Honey, I don't like all those agave moving into our neighborhood with their loud music. They're lowering property values, and I think they're drugging the soil... We should move someplace cooler. This weather is wrecking your lovely fern leaves."

As for me... Well, when my scanner is up, I have new stuff! And woo-hoo, GK is coming along nicely, but I've been spending a lot of time out at Nashville Shores or the Sudekom Planetarium. <3

Creeeeeepy. This test thingie said I'm like Near from Death Note! I always thought I was like L, but you know... I am a lot more like Near now that I've seen more episodes. I'm not well-adjusted, am I? I do tend to think and analyze, and not feel as much as others when it comes to decisions, but still... I'm gonna go dye my hair bright white now. =D

Tornados - 48 dead so far. Please tell me if you're okay...

I haven't had much sleep... Those of you who have seen the news probably know about the storms that tore through Tennessee last night. The alarms were going off until 4 or so, and it was scary. My family and our pets are okay, but Aka called to tell me that a friend of ours was trapped in a car with her mother, their house destroyed, and their neighbor dead. I still haven't heard from some people, but as of now, those friends are okay and with relatives. Andrew, please let me know if your family is okay, and if you are - I left a message. I'm hoping that you're at work and that's why you're not answering, but CNN says so far 48 are dead.

I've been crying all night. I feel so helpless because of my hand, but if someone can come, we have my son's clothing and toys that were marked for eBay. I'd rather give those to people who have lost everything, to help the kids, but I can't drive or pick them up. I'm scared - I just want to know who's okay and who isn't.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you; I only wish I could do more.
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I got the stitches out of my hand but it bloody hurts and my doctor said not to try to type on either my phone or online for 2 more weeks 'cause I fell and made it bleed. Just a heads up for people at school or in a roleplaying game (I'm hiatused from what, 4 of them?) with me, because the voice recognition software is driving me insane and I'll probably go overkill once I have my hand back. The boredom is eating my soul. There really is only so much Criminal Intent that one can watch without spazzing.

Oh, and Ryki-chan? Seriously. Hate. You. Wasn't kidding, and you're an immature brat just like the others from that game. I hope they play games with you like they did me, just for you messaging me while I was in pain. But I'm done with you. If you really want to know who to go with, take Amun's side. But I doubt you're smart enough to. Amun was always fair; Honda and Mahaado treated Espa like a pawn and played mind games with him. Hell, Mahaado ignored his own student usually. Check the logs and see if you don't believe me. But make your own mistakes, because I left and obviously won't be coming back.

Well, as usual, <3 to those of you I give a crap about, death to those I don't. But I cant type any more even with one hand, so have fun.

Oh, and GO VOTE FOR RON PAUL damnit. He's our only hope.
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I had this window open because I was all prepared to write something funny, but now I just found out that someone is in the hospital, so I've lost my sense of humor for the moment.

Please keep her in your prayers - she's only 5, and I'll be online after I get back from the hospital. <3
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E-Mail Post - A Warning from Espa

Mer-kun, please do not watch Premonition, also known as Newspaper of Terror,
by yourself ever again. I know that you couldn't remember why you weren't
allowed to, because you block out what traumatizes you, and it's been at
least a year since you last watched it, but it's getting harder and harder
for me to talk you down from the 'ledge of crazy' you keep stumbling out
onto by accident. So I'm going to hide it and leave it at one of your
friends' houses, because you can handle stuff like that when you don't have
the option of torturing yourself over and over mentally exploring the
anguish it causes you.

All you need to know is that I'm saying this for your own good, and that
your idea of marking it with a sharpie as ' terrifyingly angsty - do not
watch alone' is not enough, because you'll simply wander by the movie case
one day, blink, ask yourself what could be so wonderfully horrible about
that movie to warrant a sharpie attack, and then you'll pop it in the dvd
player and we'll be right back at this point.

Mahaado-sensei agrees with me for once, which means NO WATCHING THAT MOVIE
ALONE. You worry me sometimes. And I most especially do not want you
cajoling Eris to loaf on the couch and watch it with you, because he has to
study, and he is not studying the psychology of females who drive themselves
crazy just to see what crazy looks like from the inside. Aishiteru, and I'm
sorry for breaking into your journal, but you know I only do it because I

And please... if you can't remember what a Japanese movie is about, ask me
next time. I may not be perfect, but I've lived in Japan and you haven't, so
I'm pretty used to how screwed up the horror genre is in that country.
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Things weren't bad enough yesterday, apparently, because today my son is home sick with a fever of 104. And I've got a fever of 101. So I guess I'm just going to fail English...

I am so not in a good mood right now. And I'm still working on my app for a certain RPG, but I have to try to finish this English paper and watch over Gry, who is in much worse condition than me, before I can even sneeze at something that might cheer me up. I don't like him being sick... I get way too protective and I cry... I'm one of those parents that think if their kid gets a fever over 102, it means they're going to die within 24 hours.