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mercynre's Journal

20 March 1978
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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

My eBay Auctions

current puppets in Awareness Dawns, to be linked to later:
OOC!L. Lawliet of Death Note, movie version, part Shinigami.
IC!Fox Mulder of X-Files, Season 5 version.
IC!Kaiba Noa of Yugiouu, demented cyborg version, and master of Domino.
OOC!Roba Espaof Yugiouu, dark Carnivale version, married to Pharaoh Khemetsi Yami.
OOC!Hiwatari/Hikari Satoshi and Krad of DNAngel.
OOC!Roba brothers in order of oldest to youngest - Eris, Aarin, Aldren, Irian.
return2nothing, and a billion journals to redo...
Depending on if I end up taking more characters, I might end up reusing some of the old journals, for Otogi, and either Haga or Zaki... otherwise, they're up for grabs if you want them.

retired puppets:
dino_ryuuzaki (IC!Ryuuzaki for daydreamtv )
paranoidtruth (OU!Mulder for econtra_rpg )
mahaad (IC!Mahaado for daydreamtv )
priestseth (OOC!Seth for daydreamtv )
eleytherian (OOC!Noa for daydreamtv )
political_haga (OOC!Haga for daydreamtv )
occultbishie (IC!Espa for daydreamtv )
princeofgames (OU!Otogi for econtra_rpg )
L Lawliet aka Ryuuzaki aka Ryuuga (Invitation only game)
Satoshi Hiwatari and Krad (Invitation only game)
paranoidtruth (OOC!Espa for daydreamtv )

Yes, yes, I need to, like, update my puppets or something, since I'm only in one group now, but...

The type of people I'd like to meet on here and friend:

Interesting people. Intellectuals, Artists, Musicians. Film Snobs. Political Activists. Bloggers. Web designers. Math geeks. Otakus. Hentais. Yaoi Fangirls. Role Players. Cosplayers. Teachers. People willing to learn. Models that would like to be painted. People who think that we could have fun together. People who'd like to share opinions. People who'd like to debate. Small business owners. People who hold passion as a higher priority than anything else. People with kids about my son's age. Cemetery lovers. Moshers. Punks. Tattoo and piercing enthusiasts. Goths. Those of you who speak Japanese or German in addition to English. The lonely, the forgotten, the abused, the confused, the morbid, the curious. Writers. Dreamers. And I'm guessing if you don't fit into at least one of these categories, yours must be a sad, sad life indeed.